Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

5 Summer Prayers

  1. Please pray for Rachel.
    • Rachel will be helping us with the kids so both Katy and I can get out to do more ministry. Eden has already connected with her wonderfully. Let's pray for Rachel as she goes through cultural adjustment away from family.
  2. Please pray for students in Carlow and Dublin.
    • As we enter into the summer months, let's pray for them to remain focused on what God has been doing in their lives. Let's also pray for next year's leaders. Much training will be done this summer in preparation for the Autumn semester. 
  3. Please pray for CONNECT.
    • CONNECT is our annual summer training conference. We look to be taking as many as six students from Carlow and Dublin! This is such an important trip for these students as they receive practical training, bond together with like-minded students, and hear from God. Let's pray for God to speak clearly and provide safe travels.
  4. Please pray for our new baby.
    • Every scan and doctor appointment points to a perfectly healthy baby and healthy momma. We are so grateful, especially coming off a miscarriage last summer. We cannot wait to meet this new little boy, and Eden is excited to be a big brother. (He has no idea how much his life will be disrupted. Ha.)
  5. Please pray for our visa.
    • At the time of writing this we still have no word regarding our visa. We are confident that God is paving the way for our journey here. Please pray for us to remain confident and for the immigration officer who has received our case. We pray blessing on her/him regardless of the decision made.

Thanks you so much for your prayers and support. Together, we are striving to bless the university students of Dublin, Carlow, and Ireland.