Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Rachel: Our Newest Team Member

Yesterday we picked up our newest team member from the airport - Rachel Reilly! She will be here until the end of November and will be working with us to help care for Eden and Baby Edgmon, freeing me up as well as Blake to meet with students and do other ministry work. 

We started praying early last year that God would bring us someone to help out with childcare - it’s tough to be thousands of miles away from family members and having to cut ministry efforts almost in half. While our first ministry is to our children, we do also have a responsibility to continue in what God has called us to here in Ireland with university students. Rachel is an answer to prayer and will be an integral part of God’s movement here on campuses across the nation. 

Please be in prayer for her as she acclimates to life here, gets over jet lag, and gets to know our precious first born (who is a force of nature to be reckoned with). We are so thankful for her and are excited to get to know her more!

(Also, many of you have been asking. We are still waiting to hear back about our visa. Please pray. Our current visa will expire in 18 day. We are at peace that God will provide.)