Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 


This past week we attended an amazing historic event. As you may know, we serve here in Ireland under the covering of Christian Churches Ireland (formerly Assemblies of God Ireland). This year their annual conference, "Movement", was held in the Helix. The Helix is an amazing venue that has housed spectacular crowds such as The Voice Ireland. Hundreds of Christians from churches all across the nation gathered to worship God, encourage one another, and commit to share the Gospel with the people of Ireland. 

Please be in prayer for CCI and it's affiliated churches/ministries. It is such a blessing to be a part of this movement. Let's pray continued blessing through this next year as more churches are planted, ministries are started, and people are reached for Jesus!


The Adventure Begins

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone is recovering from their chocolate overdoses. We are just dipping into our stash today - yesterday was a busy and wonderful day! Blake organized three beautiful services at St. Marks. I know people were moved and inspired to know Jesus more after the ministry they received yesterday. 

Now the real adventure begins...

Every year, we are reminded of Jesus’ love for us. We are reminded of His unimaginable sacrifice and epic comeback (the magnitude of which we probably won’t grasp until we’re with him face-to-face). Every year, we who know Jesus are given a boost of encouragement to follow through with our friends who need more than an intro to Jesus. We are reminded that, through the Holy Spirit, we have the ability to invite others to grasp the joy we know. Jesus gave us a story without end! 

Let the adventure begin.