Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Zoe Interest Meeting

Last weekend was the first public interest meeting for Zoe. It was awesome!

Over twenty people came to hear Katy share God’s heart and vision for this ministry, creating a community of courage for women to thrive. Those in attendance heard in detail how they can be a part. They asked questions. They connected to one another.

The next two interest meetings will be in June. The purpose of these events is to inform and attract those who might have a heart to serve women who are in need of support in their local communities. These are crucial moments as Katy focuses on building the volunteer team that is so crucial to seeing Zoe get off the ground. Please pray that the next two meetings go as well as the first.

What an exciting time ahead! It was such an exciting milestone for Zoe Community. We want to share this joy with you and thank you for your prayers and support!



We are excited to be a part of a movement here in Ireland - a movement of people who love Jesus and want others to know him too. We are proud of launching Zoe soon as a way to resource this movement with tools to support those in crisis pregnancy. This past week, CCI held an annual conference called “MVMNT.” There were hundreds of people from across Ireland who gathered to network, worship, and learn together. There were people there who were pastors of churches, university ministry leaders, and workers in fields related to international poverty and resources for women in abusive situations (just to name a few). It was so great to get to chat with everyone in between sessions as well as learn and worship during the main meetings. 

Blake and the team from St. Marks led us all in worship for the three days. It was a beautiful and moving experience. They incorporated creative videos into the mix, as well. I (Katy) helped out a bit with the kids. It was so fun getting to hang out with them and listen to all the stuff they had to say. When a leader was asking them all the things God created, there were shouts of “Birds!” “Airplanes!” “Scarecrows!” 

Needless to say, after our busy week, we are all pretty exhausted! We are happy to be settling back into our normal schedule and gearing up for what’s up next.

This coming Saturday will be our very first Zoe interest meeting. Please be praying that the right people arrive and are inspired to be a part. Thanks for being on the team, you guys! You are all a part of this movement. 

Easter Joy

We have had a busy week. Eden has been off of school the past week and is also off the rest of this week. We have had lots of fun time at the park, getting ice cream (it’s finally warm enough outside), and hanging out with friends who are also off of school. Blake and the St. Marks worship team did a fantastic job at our Good Friday and Easter services. The music and messages were powerful and uplifting.

We also had a great time doing Easter egg hunts with the boys and a few friends from church. An unsafe level of chocolate was probably consumed! Even though I (Katy) have consolidated the treats to parcel out at intervals, Eli keeps somehow finding chocolate eggs around the house and quickly eating them (I will occasionally find a trail of foil wrappers leading to him smiling a chocolatey grin).

We will all need the energy for this next week, though. Our denomination, CCi (Christian Churches Ireland) is having our yearly family conference called “MVMNT.” Blake and the St. Marks worship team is doing the worship for the entire conference and he is already doing a stellar job preparing. I will have lots of opportunities to network with pastors and church members about Zoe. Please be praying that they will be encouraged about this upcoming resource for them and will be inspired to take part in what God will be doing through Zoe.

Thanks so much for staying updated! We appreciate your prayers and support so much.