Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Hope Is Coming

We wanted to share the story of some of our fellow Irish missionaries with you guys. The Chappel family (Bill, Melissa, Will, Logan, and Victoria) were set to leave for Galway, Ireland this summer. Before making the switch to European missions, they had served for a while in India. God called them to Ireland and they were all set to make the transition when they got an unhappy surprise. 

In June, Melissa was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Her diagnosis came just days before their intended departure (bags were nearly packed and plane tickets were already purchased). She started the four-month chemo process right away and is still going through that now. After her upcoming surgery, they'll start making plans for the next steps. 

This diagnosis still has not changed their call and desire to see lives impacted by Jesus in Galway! We are praying for them and ask that all of you take some time to pray for them as well:

  • For complete and accelerated healing for Melissa
  • For Bill and the kids, as they cope with Melissa's illness. 
  • That God would be glorified through this ordeal.
  • That God would guide the hearts of the people of Galway to know Him more. 

We believe that God wants to heal Melissa and use this situation to show the world that He is still working practical miracles today. We believe that He also wants to demonstrate to people how He can create peace, comfort, and calm in the midst of crisis. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support for us and for what God is doing all over the nation of Ireland!