Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Build it on Solid Stuff

I spend a lot of time watching kid shows. Too much time. Eden loves Veggie Tales, which is great because watching it with him gives me a lot of time to ponder stuff. Like how the heck do they lift stuff with invisible arms? Do they poop? And how disturbing it is that the vegetables sometimes eat sandwiches with other vegetables on them.

Eden and I were watching a Veggie Tales movie called, "The Little House That Stood." The show is a kid version of the parable that Jesus told about building a house on solid foundation versus sand. In the cartoon, the tomato was taking forever to build the foundation of his house and the others were wondering why he didn't just get on with construction. The others had houses that looked great and shot up quickly, but the tomato didn't have anything to show of his work.

It started me thinking about this season of reflection we've been in this summer. God has led us through a season where we haven't been super busy with ministry-related stuff. As a result, we've had more opportunity to discover new territory in our relationships with God. Our work has been very internal and private.

I started thinking about how maybe in this season, God has us shoring up our foundation in Him. It's not something that people will see, but the effects are priceless.