Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Baby Shower

Last Saturday I (Katy) walked in to a surprise baby shower thrown by Blake and two of our friends, Daniel & Deborah Malone. I totally did not expect anyone to throw a party. I felt so blessed that people cared enough to come and celebrate with us. It was a small shindig, mostly with other moms & dads that we know. 

Our friends here have become so much like family to us. They've shown us extraordinary love and acceptance. Thinking back through moments before we moved, moving to Ireland, learning how to do life in Dublin, having our first child, ministry ups and downs, going through a miscarriage, and now anticipating a new little life given to us... Each milestone we've had here in Ireland has attached with it kind, generous, and loving Irish friends who have welcomed us and supported us every step of the way.

We can't appreciate a single moment here without also appreciating our friends here who help make those moments so special. So to Daniel & Deborah, thank you for helping to make this moment so special. You are both so amazing on many levels, but most of all you are great friends who show the love of God so practically and honestly. You'll forever be attached to this moment.

We have roughly two weeks (a little less) before we meet our new little guy. We're getting more and more excited every day!