Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Building People

One of the things I do the most here is to equip, empower, and encourage people into their calling. Whether it's with the St. Mark's Worship Team, working with university students around the region, or in AGI's School of Advanced Leadership Training God has positioned us to build people up.

Something that I see more clearly with every step is that the key to building the Kingdom of God is to build people. My temptation (particularly as an American) is to put my energy into building systems. However, I'm constantly reminded that Jesus' primary concern was people.

Here's a few things I see in how Jesus walked with the disciples...

  • The VAST majority of Jesus' time was spend living life directly alongside his disciples. People over tasks.
  • He did not equip His followers simply to be good inviters to events. He equipped them to go to where the people were. He prepared them to do the ministry of prayer, witness, and discipleship in normal, mainstream life.
  • To our eyes, He took a HUGE gamble leaving the disciples with the mission to build the Kingdom of God. Most leaders (including myself) would never have released the ministry to disciples at that moment.

The key, according to Jesus' efforts and priorities, are people. People taking up the responsibility to "go unto all the world and make disciples." People stepping into the call of the priesthood of all believers. Systems and organizations aren't bad. Sometimes, they're necessary. However, first and foremost, our priority must always be building individuals, who will then build individuals, who will then build individuals, who will then build individuals...

Jesus model of evangelism was multiplication through discipleship, being in mainstream society, and meeting people's needs. When I build teams in whatever context, this is my aim.