Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Stroud and Ponca City

This past weekend we were with supporting Oklahoma churches in Stroud and Ponca City. Our time on the road had been challenging but fun. I have to say that Eden has been a trooper. He is full of energy and curiosity, but he's been very patient.

Stroud First Assembly of God was such an encouraging group of people. Huge thanks to Pastors Jeromye and Angi Jackson. They were so hospitable. Clearly they are modeling the way in building a welcoming culture in their church family.

The people of Ponca City First Assembly of God (PCA) have been long time supporters. Pastor Micah (a brand new grandfather) is a down-to-earth man of integrity. PCA is such a great community of believers. We always feel so welcome when we visit.

It is such an honor to have these two wonderful churches on our team. Thanks to all of you who pray and support financially. While it is a lot of work to travel like this, it is such a privilege to connect with as many of you as possible. We love to share what God is doing in Ireland and what he is about to do.