Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Thanks Muskogee First AG

This past week was a busy but wonderful week. We were privileged to host a team from Muskogee First Assembly in Oklahoma. They did an amazing job fixing up parts of the attic at St. Mark’s Churchas well as sent a group of young people on various ministry projects.

It was our first time to meet most of the team, and I must say we were very impressed. Their work ethic, attitude, character, and heart for the people of Ireland made me proud to be from Oklahoma. Not only did they bless St. Mark’s practically, they were also a tremendous blessing to Katy and me personally. From meals with the team to chats with Pastors Steve Rose and Jerrod Murr, we got to build new relationships.

We want to thank you, Muskogee Team, for all your hard work and love here in Ireland. You were a blessing to St. Mark’s and to us. Thank you to Pastor Steve for your prayers and input into our life and ministry. It was a busy and exhausting week, but we continue our ministry stronger than before you came.

Muskogee Team