Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Happy Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day here in Ireland. There are three mothers in my life that I’d like to thank today. 

To my mom: 

You comforted me when I was sick. You held me when I was heartbroken. You taught me how to be sensitive to others’ feelings. You taught me the value and love of books (It took awhile, but I got there). You tried your best to help me write more legibly (I didn’t give you much to work with). You helped mold me into who I am. Thank you for your years of love, caring, and wisdom. I’m so grateful Eden will have you as his Nana. I love you, mom. 

To my mother-in-law. 

You took me in as your own kid. You worked hard at making me feel welcome and loved (you succeeded). I have admired the strength, compassion, and love with which you walk through life. You raised such a wonderful daughter who is now my wife. I’m thankful that you poured your life into her. I’m thankful you helped give her a heart for missions. I’m thankful that you are Eden’s Gran. I love you, Roxanne. 

To my wife. 

Your strength and composure in the midst of life’s struggles motivates me. Your selflessness and willingness to sacrifice for our son amazes me. You have blessed me with a beautiful baby boy. You will place in him a courage and caring spirit. You will be there to catch him when he falls. You will hold him when he’s hurting. You will wipe away his tears, and you will rejoice with him in his victories. I’m so thankful that you are Eden’s mom. I love you, Katy. 

To all you mom’s, I pray blessings on you and your families today. You deserve it. 

Happy Mother’s Day!