Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Our 2nd Event in Ireland

Please be in prayer for us this week. We will be holding our second event on campus Wednesday evening.

The Alternative Easter Rising is an evening meant to explain Easter using images, music, and words that will connect with and inspire university students of Dublin. In addition to songs about Jesus' death and resurrection, there will be videos and even an interpretive dance to bring meaning and power to the evening!

It will be held in the Chapel at Trinity College Dublin at 7pm Wednesday evening. Pray that it goes smoothly and effectively. Please also pray that the Christians students who attend would bring friends to hear about the love of Christ.

We're so excited to be here during this season and thrilled to be working on this event with our friend, Jools Hamilton. Thanks to all who have been supporting us as we've made the journey thus far!