Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Oath of Persistence

A very wise and honest friend, Des Curtis, gave us some advice the other day in regards to culture and relationships. He said no matter the mistakes we make or people we inadvertently offend, persistence will win. If we remain consistent and persistent, the relationships we build will be strong and long-lasting. To that end we've drafted an "Oath of Persistence."

We pledge to be persistent in...

  • ...understanding the Irish culture. 
  • ...integrating into the Irish culture. 
  • ...building relationships.
  • ...developing an Irish team.
  • ...building the local church. 
  • ...pleasing God in our daily life.
  • ...following God's vision for this ministry. 
  • ...trusting God for every need, big or small.
  • ...prayer for university students, Dublin, and Ireland. 
  • ...communication to our team in the US who pray and support financially.
  • ...keeping our priorities focused on family THEN ministry. 
  • ...enjoying the life God has given us here in Ireland.

Des is the youth pastor at St. Marks Church. He's a great friend to us here. Thanks Des.