Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Irish Slang

Our good friend James O'Neill is going to help us learn a few common Irish phrases.


  • cráic = fun. (pronounced 'crack')
  • deadly/savage = awesome
  • slag = to make fun of
  • cop on = snap out of it
  • gaff = house
  • biscuits = cookies
  • cookies = chocolate chip cookies
  • crisps = chips
  • chips = fries
  • lashing = raining heavily
  • cheers = thanks
  • grand = fine
  • cuppa = cup of tea
  • boot = trunk
  • car boot sale = yard sale
  • busker = street performer

James is a third-year graphic design student at Dublin Institute of Technology. He is the media director at St. Mark's Church, plays bass, and enjoys cooking/eating. James will be one of two students coming with us to Connect, our annual Students for Christ Europe conference at the end of July.

James and a few other students in St. Mark's have been a tremendous blessing to Katy and me as we integrate into Irish culture. This is one of many friendships that is sure to last a lifetime.