Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 


God sees the way ahead before we could even imagine it. He makes it possible for us to dream bigger than what we can see and influence the generations to come. We can’t let fear stand in the way of such dreams. 

The vision for Zoe was birthed through multiple events. One in particular was a women’s conference in Ireland called “Fearless.” It was, I believe, the first ever large scale multi denominational women’s conference in this country. I had never been to a lot of women’s conferences, so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. 

The ads for Fearless started popping up around the time when I was terrified about taking Zoe public. I thought, “Maybe I should go to this conference. Nah.” Then, I unexpectedly ran into the lady organizing the entire thing. She put a ton of fliers in my hand and asked me to pass them out at my church. Reluctantly, I joined a bunch of ladies from St. Marks and we attended what I was certain would be full-blown feelings fest. Happily, I was wrong - the conference was amazing. 

The most surprising of all, though, was the fact that God interrupted my fearful questions and called me to get up and start working on Zoe. The main speaker was talking about the analogy of “passing the baton” to future generations. She then spoke prophetically, I believe to a few of us there: “There are children yet to be born who are counting on you to pass the baton to them.” 

That day, God lit a fire under me for the women and children of Ireland. His peace drove fear from my heart and gave me the courage to get started. Passing the baton is possible when he leads us on