Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Seven People Prayer

Saturday at the YWCA training went great! Katy spoke a bit about her life story and some background on how Zoe Community got started. There were people from many different backgrounds who attended the training - some of Christian faith and some not. There was good discussion throughout the day. 

Up next, please be in prayer as we begin to advertise for 7 new positions with Zoe - for this ministry to move forward, we need more team members on the ground! We have sent our advertisement (in the form of a letter to the editor) to the Christian magazine for their next issue. We have also been invited to do an interview on one of the Christian radio station’s morning shows. 

Please pray for these specific people:

  1. volunteer coordinator

  2. admin person

  3. financial coordinator,

  4. marketing person

  5. volunteer support person

  6. facilities manager

  7. childcare coordinator.

We ask you guys to join us in praying that these people will hear and listen to the voice of the Lord when he asks them to partner with Zoe in a practical way. Pray that the Lord will lead us to people with initiative, integrity, and a heart for ministry. Thanks for supporting us as we go forward!