Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

On Purpose

We've all heard the idea of stewardship in regards to money. I was reminded this week that we are stewards of all God gives us. This includes money, gifts, abilities, children, and so many things. But I was impacted thinking about how I steward my relationships.

Whether it is marriage, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, son, daughter, school mate...we are given these relationships for a reason. We must give our best. We must remember that God has a purpose for our relationships. Our lives are directed and developed through every relationship...even those we wish we wouldn't have be given. He will use us for others through our relationship.

Let's remember this week that every interaction with another human might be an opportunity for God to use us. It could also be an opportunity for us to grow closer to God. So whether it is with a coworker, classmate, family, or friends...God is moving. He wants to use us and move us through our relationships.

We thank God for our relationship with each of you. Whether you're friend, family, or simply a digital matter to us. You are on our team. Thanks for all your prayers and support.