Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 


As I type, there is a cute, slumbering 10-month-old upstairs who will be awake in a few hours tonight. Eli is proving very difficult to sleep train. He is very cuddly and needs human contact for comfort. 

While we love cuddling with him, we'd appreciate said cuddling to occur during the 16 hours of the day not devoted to sleep. All we need is 8 and we'll be well-rested, sane human beings. 

So, we are calling all people who pray: you're on deck. Here are our requests...

  1. Please pray that Eli would have peace in his mind, heart, and body to enable him to sleep soundly (when he wakes in the night, he sounds distressed). 8 hours, please Jesus. 
  2. Strength for me (Katy) as I get up with him during the night. Part of the training involves not taking him out of bed - great in the long run but makes for long, miserable nights. 
  3. Strength for Blake, who takes the early morning shift when the boys wake so that Katy can grab a nap. 

While we've gotten some amazing advice on sleep, we would appreciate just prayer and encouragement for now. 

Thank you guys so much for being the best team members we could ask for. We feel the love and encouragement from all over the world.