Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Students of Dublin

We are so excited to be launching our new website very soon. It will be called Students of Dublin and will feature unfiltered stories and photos from students of the city’s many campuses. We are also going to add results from surveys that we plan to do in various colleges. This is a project that God has put on our hearts for a long time. We are just now able to start the wheels in motion. 

The idea for this was sparked about four years ago, when we did a survey on morality at Trinity College. Surprisingly, all of the students we surveyed (ALL of them) had personal values that were somewhat conservative as compared with what they thought their peers had. The students seemed to assume that their peers preferred certain ideals while they themselves had private values that were not popular. The reality was that all of them might have been going through life feeling perceived pressure to conform to a reality that was mostly made up. We want to provide a mirror into reality for students like these. 

God sees who they are and loves them without any filter. We want students to understand that they are not alone in the choices they make and to let their voices be heard. We also seek to create a space where local churches can read about the needs and interests of students in their area. Churches want to care for students in helpful ways. This website might provide a guide. 

The next big step is to find a web designer to implement our flood of ideas. Please pray that we find the right person for the job. Thanks for being a part of this dream! Stay tuned for more news on this front. 

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