Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Summer Summary

It's nearing the end of summer here. Schools with start back up, holidays will come to an end, and church/ministry life will start to pick up. We want to give you a quick summary of events/updates from this summer. 

  • The biggest event by far was the birth of our second son, Eli. He's a beautiful, healthy baby boy. He's not the best sleeper, but he's been very chill. And lately his personality is really coming out!
  • Some of our family got to visit before and after Eli was born so that was really wonderful!
  • We are still waiting on our visa to be approved. It's long overdue, but we are not worried. God is in control, and we have peace about the whole situation.
  • Due to our visa situation we missed our annual student training conference in Germany. It was tough not seeing our colleagues, friends, and students. But we know God is working all things to glorify him so we are at peace.
  • Many things were supposed to happen this summer that ended up not happening. We were left with a fairly empty summer ( great for just having a newborn), but it has really been tough on me (Blake). I didn't realise how addicted I was to business. God has been teaching us many things. I'm looking forward to moving into this coming busy season fueled by a renewed relationship with God.

We want to thank you all for your constant prayers and faithful support. You are always vital members of this team, but especially in weird/dry summers like this one. Your prayers have sustained us.