Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Pray for CONNECT

Well, our visa remains in limbo. We emailed the Department of Justice here in Ireland, and they just told us to keep waiting. We are in line to be processed. So here we are, sitting at home while our colleagues around Europe equip, empower, and encourage university students and staff from all across the continent at Students for Christ's CONNECT Conference.

We have three students from Carlow IT there who are getting trained and prepared for another Autumn semester on their campus reaching student for Christ. It's tough sitting at home, but we can at least pray. 

Please help us pray...

  1. We pray the Irish students attending CONNECT will come away feeling refreshed, prepared, and empowered to fulfill God's mission for them on their respective campuses.
  2. We pray the staff from various European ministries will encouraged by relationship being built, knowing they are not alone.
  3. We pray for the leadership of CONNECT Conference to have strength, joy, and wisdom as they lead this very important conference. 
  4. We pray for students from all across Europe to build lifelong relationships with fellow like-minded students.
  5. We pray that God would send these students and staff out as missionaries onto campuses all across Europe, connecting students to Christ, making a multi-generational impact on the marketplaces and governments across Europe.

Today's university students are tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians. On a university campus, life change is world change.

Thank you for all your prayers and support as we stand together this week.