Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Eden is 3

It's hard to believe that three years ago Eden James came into this world. Yesterday we had many of Eden's friends over. There was a bouncy castle, cake, presents, snacks, more presents, and so much laughter. My mom was in town to join in and help pull it all off. We even had sunny weather!

It was a perfect day to celebrate. What hit me the most this weekend is that Eden is the one who made me a father. Before he came into this world, I was a friend, husband, son, brother, relative...but the second he arrived I became a dad. I am constantly reminded of words a friend said to me regarding his son. "He will be my greatest disciple." Amazing. I pray, above any other ministry/work accomplished in my life, that Eden and Eli would be my greatest disciples. I will work tirelessly to help them encounter Christ daily and to know Jesus personally. 

The privilege, honour, responsibility, fear, exhaustion, and intimidation that comes with being a dad is FAR outweighed by the joy a child brings. Katy and I are so blessed to raise our two boys. May we be parents that constantly point our children to Jesus.

Thanks to all of you who pray and give so we can minister in Ireland. Your prayers are the fuel that keeps us going. I want to say a special thanks for those who pray for our kids. They mean far more to us than our ministry. It is so humbling to know we have a team of people behind our family. 

Thank you.