Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Prayer for Visa

It has been over a month since our visa officially expired. (Don't worry. Since we're in the process, we aren't illegal or anything.) I'm writing this blog to ask each of you to take 1 minute during this week and pray for us. 

Our faith is strong that God is in control. We aren't worried about getting kicked out. We aren't shaken by any means. Our prayer is that God would move this process forward this week so we can attend SFC Europe's CONNECT Conference in Germany. The deadline is looming. Katy and I both have responsibilities at the conference that we would like to fulfill. If our visa is not sorted, we cannot leave Ireland.

Most importantly though, we have students coming from Ireland. They will be able to attend even if we cannot. They will learn great things, and their lives will be impacted. However, one of the most important elements to CONNECT Conference is the time and space to build relationships. It is essential that we are able to bond with these students in order to continue pouring into their lives and ministries on their campus'.

You have always been so quick to rally around us through health crises, emotional turmoil, and cultural struggles. Together, God is using all of us to impact the university students of Ireland. Thank you for continuing this partnership as we unite in prayer so more students in Ireland may know Christ.