Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Huge Prayer Request

Last week, we received a letter in the mail from the Department of Justice - they had rejected our request to apply for another year-long visa. It seems that we gave them insufficient evidence that we are actually needed here in the work with student ministry. Here is the good news:

  1. We received this letter with ample time to make an appeal. Our current visa does not expire until the end of May. 
  2. The missing information may be fairly simple to obtain. With the assistance of a couple of AGI leaders writing letters stating why we should be here, there should be enough evidence in our favour. 
  3. God called us to Ireland and will keep us here until the work he has for us to do is done...and it isn't done yet, as far as we can see. 

Here is our stress: 

  1. We feel in limbo with this pending thing hanging over our heads. Please be in prayer that we can focus and not allow anxiety to rule our thoughts. 
  2. The people who evaluate immigration cases can reject them based on their mood that day. Please pray that we have favour with the Department of Justice as we appeal
  3. This is all occurring during the last trimester of Katy's pregnancy - we are under enough stress with the upcoming arrival of our next child! Please pray that Katy and baby stay healthy and that I (Blake) can keep my head above water with all the stress. 

We are so grateful for the incredibly supportive friends and co-workers here in Ireland who have our backs during this time. Thank you to everyone reading this for being our prayer team as we go forward.