Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Hookup Culture

We recently co-hosted an event in a campus pub at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) called God on Tap. Partnering with the Methodist Chaplain at TCD, our goal is to build relationships with university students from diverse backgrounds. This past evening, one topic stuck out more than anything this...the "hookup culture".

The boundaries of sexuality are becoming more and more ambiguous, and it is no different on the college campuses of Dublin. Not only is it common for students to have casual sexual encounters with friends/acquaintances, it is encouraged. What's more, there is an atmosphere of peer pressure towards these activities. 

We’ve come to realise that most students don't actually want casual sex. They want longterm, meaningful relationships with someone they love and trust (not necessarily confined to marriage). While they’re fine with others participating in the hookup culture, many don't want it for themselves. However, there is ever-growing pressure for them not only to approve, but to participate.

During our conversation I shared what I understand to be the Biblical boundaries of sex and relationships. I also shared that Katy and I waited until marriage. Surprisingly, most of the students around the table were positively curious toward our experience and expressed a desire to take some of our principles into their own relationships.

Please pray for the students of Dublin (and all across the world). They are under immense pressure. Social norms that develop culturally will come and go. What has not changed is the Word of God and a call to make Jesus first. That means boundaries and holiness, but it also brings the joy and peace of the Lord.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are impacting the universities of Dublin and Ireland. I will close with a brilliant quote.