Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 


Here's a few things to remember tomorrow on U.S. election day.

For my American friends and family.

  • Let's remember that God is our ultimate authority. No matter the politician or political party in control, God is on the throne. He always will be.
  • Let's not look to a president or earthly government to establish God's Kingdom. Christ is our savior. He is enough.
  • Let's remember that people read our posts...even people who disagree with us. Let's be careful that our posts show the love of Christ more than the love (or hate) of a political party or politician. One simple post may hit one of my friends the wrong way, quietly poisoning our relationship, and, in turn, stopping any chance I may have had to share the love of Christ. Politics is not worth that risk.

For my Irish/European friends.

  • What you see in the media in Europe regarding U.S. politics is by no means the entire story.
  • Be quick to pray and slow to judge. I've witnessed intense judgement towards people simply based on a preferred presidential candidate. Have grace and patience to remember these are honest, caring people doing the best they can with the information they have, more information than we receive on this side of the Atlantic.
  • America needs your prayers. Really, every nation is fallen and broken, because they're all run by humans who need grace. So they all need our prayers. But I'm American so I'm asking you to pray for my nation.

This election week, let's all be cautious (especially Christians) to be quick to pray and slow to attack, no matter what the outcome. Because no matter who is elected, the King of Kings is still in charge.