Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

God on Tap

For the past 3-4 years we've held an event on campus at Trinity College working with the Methodist Chaplain, our friend, Jools Hamilton. God on Tap (GoT) is an event built on conversation with the sole goal of building relationships with students on campus from any background imaginable. We centre these conversations on hot topics of the day, focusing on mostly on life, faith, and how the two intertwine. It's always great time connecting with students from around Ireland and beyond.

This past week we had our first GoT of the semester. It was small but foundational for how we proceed. We will be having 5 more GoT's this term, and six scheduled for the Spring semester. The most we've ever had!

Please keep this event and these students in your prayers. These conversations are hugely important...not because answers are given, but because relationships are built. God moves through relationships and human interaction. We believe that God is moving, and we are all better for having spent time together.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are playing a part of what God is doing in Ireland.