Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Ready? Let's Go!

Like a kid who is finally let loose into the play place at McDonald's, we are raring to go full-speed into 2016 (hopefully with less germs and static electricity). Here are some pretty amazing things that we are excited about this year:

  • The team coming together - Daniel and Kelsey Collins and Rachel Reilly will be joining us later on this year. We are looking forward to getting to know them better and getting the chance to follow God's leading for us as a team in this next season.
  • Planting at UCD. We are looking forward with so much hopefulness to see what God would have us do to serve the community at University College Dublin. We are praying for vision, grace, and the start to great relationships there. 
  • Continuing relationship with Portia and the students at Carlow IT as they continue the Alpha group on campus.
  • SFC Ireland continuing to blossom and take shape. 
  • The most exciting for last...welcoming our new baby in June! Baby Edgmon (or Firetruck Edgmon, if Eden gets to call dibs on a name) is growing healthy and strong and we are so eager to see his or her little face. 

We love getting to share all of this with you guys on the team with us. Stay tuned for what's next with us and with student ministry over here.