Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 


I (Blake) am an extremely connected person. I enjoying making new friends, being in the loop, networking, and connecting people together. Because of this, I have taken full advantage of the connectivity we all enjoy via social networking. However, over the past few weeks I have sought ways to simplify my life making me more focused and productive.

Personal confession time:

  • I am a multi-tasker. (not necessarily a compliment)
  • I rarely do one thing at a time. (Even as I write this blog I'm texting and emailing.)
  • I am always juggling two or three things (at least) simultaneously.
  • I typically don't let the task suffer, but I do allow myself to suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

I am doing an experiment over the next few months to attempt at simplifying my life. This may sound like a small step, but anyone like me will understand; I have decided to remove all social media apps from my phone. In fact, will even remove any extra app and email account that I don't absolutely need. This may make me a bit less accessible, but anyone can still reach me via text, iMessage, or the old school phone call (if you're still into that sort of thing). 

Goals for this season of simplification:

  • I hope to be more focused.
  • I hope to be less attached to my phone.
  • I time spent with friends, family, and tasks will be much higher quality.

I guess I'm sharing this with you so you'll know why I'm not responding to Facebook as quickly as I used to. But I also want you to keep me accountable to my goals. And maybe this is a reminder to some of you who need to simplify as well.

Here's to simplification.