Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

The Homemaker

Take heart, Paul and Timothy - we are beginning to sort through our culture shock. Salt and pepper are no longer a source of anguish. Things are looking up!

Even though things are strange and unfamiliar, there are a lot of things that we love here.

  • People take time to stop and have tea. Break time is a part of the routine…I love that. It is so healthy to slow down and stop working for a moment. It is a skill that we hope to hone over the years!
  • People are very generous here. I am continually humbled and challenged by the way our friends freely give of what they have. It has inspired me to have a more generous spirit myself.
  • There is not as much waste here. People reuse most things and only buy what they need. There is something to be said for taking care of the space you live in.
  • Chocolate - compared to the assortment in Ireland, Hershey's is a cheap imitation.
  • The taste of food - things taste real here due to the lower amount of preservatives and chemicals. You can really taste the flavors of each food. 
  • There is so much history to be discovered here. We live in an apartment across the street from St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was built in the 12th century and is still an active church to this day!

When you start to find things in a place you love, you start to fall in love with that place. The bible never talks about Paul having an emotional meltdown about Roman tableware, but I think that he would agree that feeling homesick is normal.

At the same time, however, when God shows you the love He has for a place, that land starts to weave its way around your heart. Before long, you're no longer homesick…you're home!

Love, Katy