Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Pray for Connect 2013

This week students leaders from Students for Christ groups across Europe will gather together near Cologne, Germany, for Connect 2013. It can be very lonely for a Christian student on a university campus in Europe, especially when striving to answer the call to "go and make disciples." At Connect, students will worship, pray, and fellowship together with like-minded students. They will encourage and challenge one another to continue on their call to reach students.

Students are taught by professors and professionals and attend workshops throughout the week to hone their skills in and knowledge about university ministry. They will leave more equipped than ever before to make difference on their university campuses. This conference will train and release dynamic student leaders, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to do God's work in the European university.

While we are sadly unable to attend this year, we are excited for those students and staff privileged to attend. Our prayers are with them, and we ask that you pray for them, too. Let's join together as a team and support them in prayer as they strive to answer God's call on their lives.

As you pray, check out these videos of former students still attending Connect to help other students.