Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Mind the Gap

The Gap is a place we've all been before. It's that moment in between steps. Your weight is not being held by your back foot, nor is your front foot providing stability. As we walk or run the gap last for only a millisecond.

In life we experience gaps as well. It can be frightening. It's wobbly and unsureā€¦but it's good.

We learn more about ourselves in the gap than we ever will on stable ground. It's in the gap that we truly discover if our identity is in Christ. We can't truly understand God's grace and the Holy Spirit's power in our lives unless we are willing to experience the gaps He calls us to go through. Then we truly understand that even on the "solid" ground, He is the only true stability in this world.

Currently, Katy and I are in the gap. Let me be clear, we are not searching for the next step. We can see it right in front of us. Nor are we going back to the one before it. We can see it behind us, where it should be.

We are waiting for the Lord to do what He's promised to do. Then we will be on the solid ground of the next step. Until then, we are enjoying the wobbly, scary, unsure gap.

I'm not writing this for you to pray for us to leave the gap. I love this. Waiting on God is freeing.

I'm writing this to challenge you. I encourage you to follow where God leads, no matter how big the gap looks. He will carry you through and you will be more sure of yourself and of God's grace and love for you than ever before.

Trust me. Take the step. It's worth it.