Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Lemme Help

I recently had a cup of coffee with a man named Joe. Professor Joe McDonagh is the Director of Doctoral Studies in the school of business at Trinity College Dublin.

My conversation with this brilliant man was encouraging and challenging, but what stuck out to me was a simple comment. He said, "God is doing something at Trinity College Dublin." The goal of our ministry in Dublin is not to begin a new work reaching university students. Our goal is to simply join in what God's already doing to reach university students.

Many times we as believers fall into the trap of thinking we are doing something that couldn't be done without us. FALSE! We are privileged to be included in the salvation process for humanity.

We GET to play a part. We are the little kid who gets to "help" mom in the kitchen. God will use us to do amazing things, far beyond what we could accomplish on our own. But in the end, it is God that performs the miracles and it is God that gets the glory. Period.

God is doing something at Trinity College Dublin and in universities all across this city. In the next month or two I'll be posting about specific doors God has opened for Katy and I. I'm always excited to show you the cake in the oven that, together, we are "helping" to bake.