Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

5 Reasons the Local Church Should Invest in University Ministry.

5 reasons the local church should invest resources into university ministry.

1. Vision

  • University students understand where society is heading better than anyone. 
  • They can help the local church communicate effectively to future generations.

2. Strategy

  • University students are the future leaders of the marketplace and our nations. 
  • Reaching, training, and releasing disciple-making graduates is like sending finely tuned special forces units into the heart of the world's need.

3. Revitalization

  • University students have fresh perspectives and loads of energy ready to be spent. 
  • When they catch the vision to spend that energy reaching and discipling their peers, it will inspire and challenge the local church to do the same.

4. Timing

  • University students are forming opinions and making decisions that will impact their entire life. 
  • It can be intimidating but this is THE PERFECT moment to get them thinking about God.

5. Responsibility

  • A local church in a university town has a responsibility to reach it's community including the university and it's students.
  • We must not be fearful of the liberal university culture. We must see that this is a moment in these students' lives where they are open to new ideas, curious about life, and are desiring to impact the world.
  • We have a responsibility to reach those places in our community…include university students.

If your local church is in a university town, you should be investing resources (time, money, prayer) into the ministry on that campus. If there aren't any ministries on that campus, I challenge you to start one.

If your local church is not in a university town, I challenge you to find the closest university and invest (time, money, prayer) into a ministry on that campus. See if God doesn't bless you for pouring into local missions efforts. (And yes, university ministry is a missions outreach…but that's another blogpost.)

Next week I'll be sharing 5 myths of university ministry. Stay tuned!