Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

I Could Never Be An Evangelist


The other day I was reading a book about programming church services (The Art Of Curating Worship, link), and I had a realization. I realized that I could never be an evangelist.

I know a few things about myself. I love building teams. I love pouring my life into people and watching them grow and succeed. I love building systems and structures.

Many of these are things that an evangelist misses out on when preaching from church to church. I thank God for evangelists. Having tasted a bit of what their life is like, I appreciate them now more than ever. I am learning that I am simply not wired, created for, or called to that life.

I am learning that in life, we go through phases that feel "against the grain" to our God-given desires, gifts, and abilities. This season of support raising from church to church is one of these phases for Katy and me. That's OK.

We learn the most when we're out of our element. We learn gifts we never knew we had, how we act/react when we're uncomfortable, or how to be content in the Lord. As we walk through these times, we must always remember where our sweet spot is...mine is discipleship, building teams, and leading worship. If we lose focus of the big picture, we can stray and get stuck in these transitional "against-the-grain" phases of life.

Focus. Focus on your sweet spot. God will take care of the rest. If we will just remember God's purpose for our life...our sweet spot...we will be able to face anything "against the grain."

  • Are you in a time that feels "against the grain?"
  • How have you made it through times like this in your life?

Katy and I are working extremely hard to raise money so we can get to Ireland. We are content in the Lord, but I can't describe how ready we are to get to Ireland. We are so appreciative of your prayers.

Thank you.