Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Friends in Low Places

The other day I helped a friend learn a song on guitar. It was the Garth Brooks classic, "Friends In Low Places." Gotta say, it was a good time. I thought about this later and a few thoughts came to mind.

Every pastor out there has read a book or implemented a principle by a non-Christian businessman. Almost anyone would regard this pastor as "wise" for doing so. Why? Because this pastor is learning from someone who has wisdom and experience to share that will benefit at least a part of the pastor's role.

I made a statement the other day to a group of university students involved in a campus ministry worship team. I was encouraging them to look far and wide for music to learn from to increase there creativity. I challenged them, "You are all enrolled in a secular university in which you attend classes taught by predominantly non-Christian professors. If you believe you have nothing to learn from secular musicians, then you must believe that you have nothing to learn from your professors in college."

My point is this. There are people God places in our lives who are there to teach us things. We can learn from ANYONE. Whether it's a Garth Brooks YouTube video, a book by a successful businessman, a song written by a secular band, or a member of your ministry, there is something to learn. Don't just focus on the greatest people in your field, department, or movement. Remember your friends in low places. (sorry) They have experiences and wisdom too, even though they may not have achieved as much of what our culture and society label as success.

It's cheesy, but you can learn a bit of wisdom from his song. Honestly, you could never become the legend that Garth Brooks has become without learning from anybody and everybody God puts in your path. Maintain an attitude of learning.

The moment we realize we have nothing to learn from someone is the exact same moment we reach the height of our stupidity.

Have you ever learned something huge from an unassuming person or situation?