Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

The Season of Carol Services

Yesterday marked the end of our season of carol services. The Christmas season is a wonderful time to share the story of Jesus. Here's a few of the opportunities God has given us this year.

We had the privilege of performing two Carols by Glowstick services on Trinity College Dublin (TCD) campuses. The first was on the Trinity Halls dormitory campus in conjunction with their on-campus student-led events. The second was in the pub on the main (TCD) campus. This is one of the main social hangouts for students so it was an amazing opportunity. The pub actually turned their music off in the entire building and let our music fill the place. Through poetry, music, and video, we were able to share the story of Jesus with the students of TCD on their turf, in their environment. What an honor!

Another great privilege I (Blake) had was to help lead the carol services at St. Mark's Church in Dublin city centre. It was such a beautiful evening with our amazing worship team pulling off two, dynamic, back-to-back performances. We had DJ-led Christmas worship, digital media, spoken word, traditional carols, and a few fresh takes on standard Christmas tunes. The team did a wonderful job and the story of Jesus' birth was told in a fresh way.

Praise God for the Christmas Season. A chance to recognise His the sacrifice of sending His son to this earth, born to a virgin in a stable. This lowly carpenter's son, our Lord and Saviour, came to save us from our sin. 

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Together we are connecting student to Christ in Dublin.