Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

The Engets

We are spending the first two months of our life in Ireland observing culture and ministry in Limerick. We have been blessed with relationships and learning opportunities day after day. 

I would like to introduce you to the missionary family that has taken us in as their own.

Brent and Lori Enget have been missionaries in Limerick for over six years serving the students at the University of Limerick. As the directors of Students for Christ Limerick, the Engets live and breathe for Ireland and the students of this city. They have three beautiful daughters, Saorsa (Seer-shah), Aine (Aw-nee), and Ianna (Ee-aw-nuh).

The Enget's heart for God and people are inspiring and challenging to Katy and I. From their years of experience, we are gaining insight into Irish culture and ministry that would literally take years to attain on our own.

While our hearts long to be in Dublin, we are building relationships here that are sure to be lifelong. Our hearts are full from the love we've received attending Abundant Life Christian Church and spending time with the students involved in Students for Christ Limerick.

We are blessed to have this time here, and our ministry in Dublin will surely show for it. We are blessed to know the Engets.