Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

Update on Prayer Needs

God has been faithful thus far and will continue to be faithful! We are winding down the summer and thinking of many things on our plate.

Blake is leading the worship team at St. Mark’s for a while, filling in for the full-time worship leader on maternity leave. Blake needs wisdom and stamina to handle the increased workload for the next few months. I (Katy) just started volunteering with the hospitality room after the church service on Sunday mornings. I hope that this will be an open door to meet university students who may be visiting St. Mark’s for the first time!

Monday the 20th is an important day for students entering their first year of university. It’s the day when they find out what colleges are offered to them based on testing they took in June. Today is a day of much excitement, relief, and sadness. Many students have had dreams for years to be in a particular profession but would be crushed if they missed the mark by a few points. Please pray for comfort for hearts and minds during this time.

This next week is also time for repeat examinations for university students across the city who did not get the grades they needed in the Spring. Pray for wisdom and determination for them to make the scores they need. Please also pray as we are preparing for freshers week, which begin on various campuses starting September 19th. Pray that we have understanding to know the best ways to meet students and plan for the future of SFC Dublin.

We love you guys! Thanks for being a part of our lives as we see what God has in store!