Blake and Katy's journey to reach the students of Dublin. 

God's Presence

I (Blake) lead the worship teams at St. Mark's Church in Dublin. I was in one Sunday morning helping the team leading worship for that day. I wasn't scheduled for any position to sing or play. I just wanted to be there to support my team. As I was straightening cables, one of the musicians came to me and said how relieved they were I was there. "I know if something happens, you help can keep things running smooth."

I was grateful for that comment in the moment, but it wasn't until later that I felt God speaking to me. Even when the storm is around us, it makes all the difference in the world when we sense God's presence. Knowing He's with us in the moment makes any raging storm seem bearable.

So today, if you're going through a storm, remember this. You don't have to find the answer, you need to find the one with the answers. You don't need to fix it. You need to look for the ultimate fixer. If you are struggling all alone, tune into God's presence. God is always with us. It's just a matter of us being able to tune in to what He's doing and what He's saying. In His presence we find perfect peace.

Thank you so much for your love and support. We pray you sense God's presence today.


Rosie Has Arrived

Katy’s brother, James, and his wife Jamie have just had their first child. Her name is Rosie Anne Dill. We are so happy to say that, for the first time, we are Uncle Blake and Aunt Katy! We would call the boys “Cousin Eden” and “Cousin Eli,” but that kinda sounds a little Beverly Hillbillies.

Rosie came into the world at 1:18 am Arizona time. It was a long and difficult birth for Jamie, but she has been the very image of selfless motherhood through it all. 

Congratulations to the Dill family on their newest member. We can’t wait to meet our little niece/cousin in person some time down the road! For now, keep them in prayer that the recovery will be quick and the bonding will be sweet. 

Such a cutie patootie!

Such a cutie patootie!

Our Irish Boy

So we heard...ELI GOT HIS PASSPORT!!!

What does this mean?

This means that our applications for annual visas will be much easier. We still have to go through the yearly process, but success is very certain since Eli has an Irish passport. 

It's been over a year and a half in limbo. We still have a way to go in obtaining our visas, but the pressure is dissipating with every minute as the shock wears off. Thank you so much for all your prayers through this long season. Your support has carried us through!

Eli Passport.jpg